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Let Your Official Business Pages Stand out over Counterfeit Pages; Don’t Make It Too Simple For The Tricksters

Evildoers find clever ways to cheat a huge number of individuals consistently. They frequently get innovative innovation with age-old stunts to get individuals to send cash or give out their private data. They add new winds to old plans and strain individuals to settle on significant choices on the spot. One thing that won’t ever transform: they follow the titles and the cash.

This component article is to tell general society of certain culprits in the framework who are utilizing fake method for tricking honest residents of their well deserved cash by acting like organizations, deals specialists, merchants and directors of organizations.

“The Solution”

Social Media organisations have given means to clients to recognize “Official Business Pages over Counterfeit Pages,” and it accompanies advantages to business and clients.At the point when your page is confirmed, (showing the blue tick) it adds a degree of authenticity and tells individuals that the page is perceived as the authority brand page, assuming a copy page is made, clients will realize your page is the authority page and ought to draw in with just that page. Getting its pages Confirmed is exactly what Dzata Cement Limited, a Ghanaian concrete manufacturing company has done to hold its clients back from succumbing to exercises of these questionable people via Online platforms.

As a digital advertiser, I strongly advise organisations in Ghana to follow the means Dzata Cement Limited has taken to check its virtual records to deter such exercises from happening to its clients. Check out official pages of Dzata Cement on Social Media.

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/dzatacements

Twitter: Dzata Cement Limited (@dzatacements) / TwitterInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dzatacements/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dzatacements/

The public should be alert all together not to succumb to such corrupt individuals.

Do remember that, no institutionally settled organisation will charge you to be a wholesaler or request installment from you by means mobile transactions. When these fraudulent individuals establish contact with you, report them to the police right away.

Things to watch out for People you don’t know personally asking for money. Anyone asking you to pay a fee to apply for a job. Unverified Pages claiming to represent a large organisation or public figure. People asking you to move your conversation off Facebook to a less public or less secure setting, such as a separate email. People asking you to send them money or gift cards to receive a reward. Anyone claiming to be a friend or relative in the company. People who misrepresent where they are located. Messages or posts with poor spelling and grammar. People or accounts directing you to claim a prize.

Common scams
Here are some common scenarios to keep an eye out for:

Promotions with ridiculously low prices. Asking for Money to be recruited as distributer. Promising you delivery of your order.That’s it, I want to believe that you stay watchful this happy season and not make it simple for the con artists online.
Clink to see FAKE PAGES impersonating Dzata Cement Limited so you stop any engagements with them.

Article by, Kumi Nkansah Owusu(Digital Marketer, Broadcast Journalist.)

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